The importance of cable clamps

Recently, the construction of fiber-optic lines on subscriber access networks has intensified. This is due to the increasing competition in the provision of broadband services to subscribers. Optical cable brought to the house, fiber brought to every entrance, and even better - to every floor or to every apartment become the key to successful networking and the provision of high-speed Internet services, cable TV (analog or digital), telephony. At the same time, the bandwidth of optical fibers is used only partially, and it remains possible to subsequently organize the operation of new services over the same fiber.

However, laying an optical cable in residential areas of cities is sometimes a rather big problem. It turns out that the traditional way of laying in cable ducts is not always acceptable. On the one hand, you have to pay for laying the cable in the sewer channels, and with a large cable capacity, you have to pay a lot. On the other hand, the sewage system itself is often dirty, clogged and practically not maintained. That is, the probability of damage to the cable during installation (by other cables, influx of concrete, ice, etc.) or operation (by installers of other operators or rodents) is not so small. 

Therefore, suspension of an optical cable with its fastening on all possible supports is a fairly simple, fast and no less reliable way of building a cable network. Today it is impossible to imagine a high-quality cable fixing without accompanying fittings, in the form of special clamps.
On our site you can find useful wedge type tension clamp H6 anchor clamp.
This product is perfect for constructing transmission lines using 6-7mm round optical cable, as well as dielectric wires, and type 8 cable.
It is very easy to use and will facilitate the installation process. The H6 clamp is able to hold the cable in a taut position in small gaps between the supports. The maximum span is 50 meters.

In the manufacture of this clip, only high-strength materials such as high and low temperature resistant plastic and durable metal were used. The built-in mechanism for the simultaneous opening of the wedges is very convenient in this model.
The use of clamps allows you to build overhead lines quickly enough and without the use of special skills. However, you must first select the correct types of clamps, based on the size of the cable (or the supporting wires), and fittings, based on their clamp designs and types of supports. Sometimes the wrong choice of size or the use of an unsuccessful (or poor-quality) design leads to the fact that, under heavy loads in real operating conditions, the cable can slip in the clamp. Our team of qualified managers will help you choose the right type of clamp for any type of cable. Just contact us.

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