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During the construction of new electric overhead lines or subscriber communication lines, anchor clamps are used, which greatly facilitate and speed up installation.
We bring to your attention a unique clamp - Wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp. It is especially famous for the reliability of the fastening, which is associated with the quality of the material. You can find all the information about this product with us.
The primary characteristic of this type of clamp, due to which the anchor clamp differs from other methods of cable fastening, is its high strength and reliability. The simple and efficient design of the clamp includes durable aluminum alloy plates and a wedge-shaped insulating insert made of durable plastic. The bow of the bracket is made of high-strength galvanized steel in the clamped position, secured by the presence of special clamps. Thus, the use of anchor clamps for fastening cables minimizes the likelihood of structural failure under the influence of corrosive environments, violation of wire protection or natural factors.
But this is not all, except for the strength characteristics of the anchor clamps we offer, they are characterized by low weight, very compact dimensions, simplicity and ease of installation without the need for special devices, which allows you to significantly speed up the installation work.

Anchor clamp is designed for fastening and holding in a taut state of an optical cable with a remote metal power element of type "8" on the supports of overhead power lines, communications, urban electrical facilities (street lighting, ground electric transport), elements of buildings and structures.

The main directions:

● Simplifies cable handling
● Maximum safety
● Profitability
● Reliability
● Persistence
● Durability
● Increased wear resistance
● The presence of anti-corrosion impurities
● Compactness
● Thoughtfulness of all the subtleties of fastening

These clamps allow you to quickly and easily fasten the cable without unnecessary problems. It is attached to the support base. The anchor clamp consists of a hull (made of plastic), a pair of captive metal clamping devices and a stainless steel cable clamp. The wedges have a rounded shape without teeth, thus providing a "softer" fastening of the clamp to the supporting element of the cable. In this case, the cable is not damaged at the point of attachment, when it is exposed to jerks and excessive longitudinal loads.

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