The universal supporting clamp is the best assistant in work

Suspension of self-supporting optical cables today is a proven, fast, economical and reliable technology for the construction of fiber-optic access networks.

Our company has a wide range of cables, clamps and fittings for the construction of overhead lines. We will always help you choose the right equipment designs, carry out design calculations and provide optimal delivery conditions.

On our site you can buy the universal supporting clamp P3.
It looks like a piece of textile tape made of high-strength synthetic fiber that is resistant to natural influences, overheating and hypothermia. On one side, the clamp is equipped with a hook for attaching to the support bracket, and on the other, it has a buckle that allows you to grip the supported cable. The metal parts of the clamp are made of 5 mm galvanized steel wire.

The presented universal clamp will help when creeping a fiber-optic cable, it will prevent excessive sagging of the wire and tighten it to the desired state. When choosing clamps, you should pay attention to their strength and quality. The P3 clamp is famous for its high quality and durability. It will be the ideal companion for the laying of transmission lines.

The advantages of using feed-through terminal clamps when connecting electrical wires include:

✓ No additional equipment and tools are required (for example, a welding machine or soldering iron).
✓ No special skills are required, installation is simple and quick.
✓ Screw clamps can be used multiple times, unlike self-clamping (spring).
✓ Low cost of products.
This greatly improves the handling of wires for workers.

Important advice before installation

When hanging the cable in the span, do not try to pull the cable exactly like a string. In this case, the tensile load increases greatly. This is especially critical for cables with a central tube, since in them the margin of fiber length is quite small, about 1%. As a result, with the subsequent natural shrinkage of the cable during the span (due to its own weight, wind and other loads), due to the elasticity of the polyethylene sheath, the problem of fiber pulling may arise. This can lead to a significant increase in attenuation some time after cable installation or even to fiber breakage.

To work successfully with the cable and the laying of the transmission network, you will need the clamps, which we will be happy to provide you.

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