Universal supporting сlamp P1 for all types of cable

It is important to use an intermediate suspension clamp for fastening straight sections in a span. It is used for auxiliary suspension of the cable on a perpendicularly laid steel cable, which is often done in urban environments. When laying transmission lines, both universal supporting clamps and specially selected for a certain type of cable are used. When choosing, it is also important to focus on the number of connected cores.

Universal supporting сlamp P1 for all types of cable is used for fastening self-supporting optical cables on intermediate supports with line spans up to 100 m.It is designed for fixing round cables with an outer diameter of 5.5-13 mm and optical cables of type 8.

Clamp P1 is made of high-strength plastic resistant to adverse environmental influences. The hook is made of high quality hot-dip galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 5 mm.
The metal part of the clamp is made of a special alloy, which makes the clamps strong and lightweight. The inner part of the clip is made of rubber resistant to low temperatures and UV radiation.

Universal supporting clamp P3 is a piece of textile tape made of high-strength synthetic fiber resistant to UV rays. On one side the clamp is equipped with a hook for attaching to the support bracket, and on the other it has a buckle that allows you to grip the supported cable. The metal parts of the clamp are made of 5 mm galvanized steel wire.
In the universal clamps P3, the metal part is made of a metal bar, which is coated with zinc, by hot-dip galvanizing, and the inner part of the clamp is made of atmospheric plastic. Such a clamp is adjusted with a die to clamp the required wire section. The supporting clamp is used to suspend insulated trunk wires, as well as on corner supports, which are installed in places where the direction of the trunk line changes at an angle from 0 to 90. This product allows you to fix both round self-supporting cables and cables of 8 different diameters.

Thus, with the help of tension clamps used in a set with attachment points, it is possible to fix the cable not only on poles and supports of round and rectangular cross-section but also to mount it on supports with sharp protruding corners. The choice of a fastener for cables of the appropriate design, which will withstand various stresses arising in the cable during construction and operation, is a fundamental decision in the organization of fiber-optic communication lines.
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