Anchor clamps from US Communication Service

Anchor clamp is a device specially designed for quick and reliable installation of communication cables of any design (self-supporting cables in a polyethylene sheath, cables with a remote power element from a dielectric fiberglass or steel cable) and also for fastening SIP wires.

Where are tension anchor (wedge) clamps used?
UScomService anchor (wedge) clamps have many design options, functional and operating parameters, a variety of which allows you to easily carry out any task of laying cables and wires through the air. The clamps are successfully used on all types of supports, on straight trunk lines, allowing you to make turns and branches of routes, inputs into buildings and structures, between the facades of buildings.

How to choose an anchor (tension) clamp for an optical cable?
When choosing an anchor clamp, the following points are taken into account: The need to provide a cable sag, a long operation of the clamp, and the network itself through the air, reliable fixation of the communication cable or SIP wires in the tension clamp - no cable slippage effect.

When choosing fittings for tensioning the cable, you should take into account the type of cable, its diameter, calculate the required load on the clamp. Tension clamps are considered the main attachment points of a self-supporting optical cable.

Often questions arise about the workloads of anchor clamps.
UScomService anchor wedge clamps, for example, H20 for round optical cable, have a factory-declared workload of 2 kN for diameters of 8-10 mm and 2.2 kN for large diameters. Actually, they withstand up to 2.4 - 2.6 kN, while spans of 50 - 100 m spans - 2 kN is enough. All products of our company fully comply with the declared technical specifications, undergo tests on all possible parameters, comparative tests are carried out with similar products from other manufacturers of fiber optic fittings.

Why are such clamps called wedge?
They got this name due to the design of the clamp. Cable fastening is due to the fact that the cable is firmly clamped between the two wedges of the clamp. The force is calculated empirically in laboratory conditions so as to prevent slipping of the cable and its deformation.

The technical conditions for the use of wedge clamps should be observed, namely, it is allowed to use 50 - 100 meters on sections of the route, that is, on short flights. The material of the wedges and case is made of ultraviolet-resistant special composite polymer, resistant to various weather conditions and environmental influences - this allows us to widely use UScomService fittings in any region of the United States with temperature extremes or in bright sunshine. Ease of installation, does not require special knowledge, devices, installation is done in a short time.

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