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FTTH is usually understood as a technology in which an optical receiver is installed at the end of an individual subscriber. It can be either a separate cottage-type house or an apartment in a multi-story block building. This solution is very expensive, but also reliable at the same time. The simplicity of building parallel networks is one of the most important advantages. After all, FTTH is an ideal multi-channel transport network with excellent features: ultra-wideband, noise immunity from all types of electromagnetic interference, etc.
Using FTTH technology means more amplifiers and carriers. The length of the fiber-optic communication line is increasing in comparison with any other technology. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the clamps, without which it is necessary to install the transmission line.

We are glad to offer you a super reliable and practical drop wire clamp for the FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp. This product will become your irreplaceable assistant in the construction of power lines.
Anchor clamps are designed to build overhead lines using non-circular fiber-optic cable. Its design is made in such a way that the cable is evenly and tightly clamped along the entire length of the clamp. Lugged inserts prevent cable slippage even under maximum longitudinal loads.

This anchor clamp provides suspension, simple and quick fixation of the FTTH optical cable of type "8" with a supporting cable on the hooks of the supports and the walls. This anchor clamp features a lightweight and durable metal housing with a wire loop, a wedge-shaped insert, and a multi-lug flat clamping insert. The principle of operation of the clamp is a "self-tightening mechanism". It provides a reliable fixation of the cable in the clamp without slipping, rubbing, and squeezing.

The products presented on our website always correspond to the current market demands and the needs of consumers, thanks to the constant updating and expansion of the assortment.

The main advantages of the above-mentioned clamp are:
100% reliable
Flexibility under a wide variety of installation conditions
The use of raw materials and composite components of polymers in the production of cable fittings, which have the appropriate electrical and mechanical characteristics

To order a clamp that suits you, contact our manager or place an online order yourself.

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