Drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp

Often, popular FTTH cables are used to lay network lines. They have excellent wiring qualities and can rightfully be considered reliable and safe. To carry out repair work on the installation of these cables, it is necessary to remember an important detail as cable clamps. You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the clamps on our website and choose the one that will be perfect for your work.

Drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp will be perfectly suitable for this process.
It is made of a plastic body, polymer wedges, and a hook. During installation, it does not need dividing or cleaning of some details for fixing. No tools are required.
The cable sheath is not damaged when using these anchor clamps. The largest distance between the attachment points is 30-40m, relying on the specific cable product. The main advantages of this clamp are that it does not collapse and does not bring any damage to the cable, under increased load (icing, falling branches, strong wind). It can prevent the line from breaking.

The material of this clamp is based on glass-filled polyamide. This gives the clamp an advantage among analogs in its segment. The clamp can withstand any temperature fluctuations, bend, and torsion-resistant. It has a smooth surface, so it cannot damage the cable sheath and, accordingly, the conductive fibers will always be intact.
The inserts of the clips hold the flat cable firmly and do not break the integrity of its sheath. Due to their hook-like design, the H15 clamps are intended for fastening to a cross-beam.

Types of installation work where this kind of clamp will be suitable:

• cable lines, where the flat optical cable of the FTTH type is used;
• all types of dielectric cables with a circular cross-section with kevlar threads;
• cable lines of dielectric optical cable with a circular cross-section with aramid threads;
• flat dielectric cable based on glass rods.

The tension clamp H15 is made of stainless steel so that it can be installed not only inside buildings but also on city lighting masts, without fear of breaking the integrity of the structure from the influence of weather conditions during operation. The unique design of this tension clamp allows you to attach the subscriber fiber optic cable to the endpoints, and also eliminates any pressure on the optical fibers. This design solution is designed to provide good physical security for a rather fragile FTTH cable and to protect it from high loads.
You can buy this cable clamp on our site.

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