The differences between simplex and duplex cables

An optical cable can be considered the main object for laying a web network. In this article, we will look at the differences between simplex and duplex cables. Depending on their structure, cables have different ways and places of use. Knowing all the characteristics of these items, comparing their qualities, you can easily make favor of one of them.
Transfers in a simplex network can only revive the data only in one direction at a time. At one end there must be a transmitter, and at the other - a receiver, this process can't be reversed.
A duplex network has its differences from a simple one. Namely, a duplex cable can transmit and receive signals. It is often used in the telecommunications industry to provide perfect and uninterrupted side to side transmission.
Simplex cable usually consists of plastic, and of course an outer sheath. For example, on our site, you can find OKVs simplex fiber optic cable, which will help you create a long network without much effort. This kind of cable is ideal for creating a one-way transmission line that requires maximum speed. It is also used for laying inside buildings and premises, in cable trays, in cable channels, cable ducts, pipes, blocks. For outdoor installation on external facades of buildings, as well as for the manufacture of optical cables.
Cable type OKVs Simplex is intended for use as a connecting cable in local networks for connecting and switching communication equipment and connecting individual subscribers. Indoor installation in vertical pipelines, vertical shafts, in buildings between floors. It is allowed to lay between buildings at short distances along the lighting poles of power transmission lines.

Duplex cable has 2 fibers that look like 2 simplexes but under one jacket. This is what it is. One fiber is capable of transmitting information in one line, and the other in the other source). For example, consider OKVk duplex fiber optic cable. It will be an ideal data transmitter for imposing stations, huge servers, and other large-scale. Duplexes are usually used with standard modules for long distances.
Cables are intended for organizing local networks, for use in switching, for making fiber-optic assemblies, for organizing wiring over short distances (with the possibility of directly connecting the connector), for use in the subsystem of internal highways, including laying in risers (with the possibility directly connecting the connector), use in a horizontal subsystem.
The main advantages of this cable are the sturdy receiving frame and attached rollers, which provide quick and easy connections as well as work safety.

• protected by a mini-diameter stainless steel tube with high tensile strength,
• pressure resistance,
• high flexibility
• protection from mice and other rodents that can harm the system
• selection of different skins
• easy installation and convenient connection
• it has proper certification and meets all standards

On our website, you can familiarize yourself with these two types of cables in detail and choose favor of one of them.

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