Anchor clamps: area of use

Anchor tension clamps are special fasteners for securely fixing various types of optical cables on supports. Fastening structures do not require special skills for installation, are used without restrictions, and allow you to complete the cable laying in a short time.

The most common method of cable routing is to suspend it from existing power line poles or lighting poles. A tension clamp for a cable is used if, during the installation of a cable route, the height of the wire suspension changes significantly, the route line turns, and there is also a cable descent or its entry into the building. Anchor clamps are used in civil, industrial and special facilities when pulling cable lines with a carrier wire, glass reinforcement or steel cable.

One of the most reliable and proven clamps available on our website is a Drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp. It possesses all the necessary qualities for the well-coordinated operation of the cable system and uninterrupted data transmission.
This clamp is used to fix and maintain tension on the cable. Compatible with self-supporting circular cross-section fiber optic cable designs.
Clamp H15 is a complete functional improved analog of the well-known ODWAC clamp. Structurally, Н15 differs from the tensioning other wedge-shaped clamps in that a hook is used instead of a loop. This design feature makes it possible to mount the clamp on any type of attachment.

The maximum distance between the supports at which the clamp can be used is 40 meters.

The body of the clamp is made of high quality durable plastic, resistant to UV rays and low temperatures. Hook material - galvanized steel. The outer jacket of the fiber optic cable is not damaged when using this type of clamp.

Advantages of anchor clamps:

■ easy installation (no special skills and additional tools are needed, this does not allow violating the integrity of the wire when laying the transmission line);
■ reliable (makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the wire at the time of its damage by third-party objects);
■ safe (minimized the risk of injury when installing the transmission line);
■ high quality clamp (this clamp is resistant to stress, stretching, heat, vibration and other interference).

You can buy a tension clamp at a bargain price on our website. We have a wide range of clamps for optical cable. Specialists of the sales department will help you choose the required design, advise on payment methods, terms and conditions of delivery. Contact us to order a suitable clamp.

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