Cable clamps are an integral part of a wide range of cable management products

The creation of a fiber-optic communication line will certainly entail the need for such elements as clamps for hanging an optical cable and other cable accessories. However, a lot depends on how the optical cable needs to be installed, what are the conditions in which it will be located, what loads will have to withstand. In any case, it is very important to choose the right cable clamps for fixing it in certain places on the network.  

Universal supporting сlamp P1 for all types of cable is primarily intended for fastening self-supporting fiber optic cables and is used to avoid excessive cable sag. It consists of a curved steel bar and is equipped with self-adjusting polymer wedges that firmly grip the carrier without damaging the outer insulation of the fiber optic cable. This clamp is made of high-strength, cold-resistant plastic, thanks to which it can be installed on the masts of city lighting and on the walls of buildings, without fear of breaking the integrity of the structure from the influence of weather conditions during operation. P1 tension clamp loop is made of high quality steel wire using hot-dip galvanized technology and does not require any additional or special tools for installation. Reliability and ease of installation are also inherent in this clamp model. The use of self-supporting structures with the use of such cable accessories as сlamp P1, can significantly reduce the time required to build a new fiber-optic network. Usually, this type of clamp is designed for cables with an outer diameter of 4 to 16 mm and optical cables with a remote power element. The type of fastening is changed by turning the hook 180 degrees. In addition, this solution greatly facilitates repairs in problem areas and speeds up the process of replacing an entire highway. As a result, the increase in the speed of laying networks completely covers the cost of supporting clamps for laying self-supporting cables.
Often used in conjunction with tension clamps for optical cable H11 and H20.

The main advantages of this product:

● Clamp material made of high strength thermoplastic
● Rope material is designed of stainless steel
● Easy to operate
● Durable cold-resistant
● Increases the speed of laying the cable

Cable clamps are an integral part of a wide range of cable management products. Everything from strain relief to suspension cable clamps can be used for any cable installation job in a residential, industrial or commercial environment.
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