It is imperative to select the correct anchor clamp

It is imperative to select the correct anchor clamp to suit the specific conditions of use, cable diameter and type, as using the wrong anchor clamps can damage the optical fiber.

To buy the right mounts for a fiber optic cable, you need to take into account its type and the diameter of its supporting element. For installation, attachment points are also needed, to which clamps and other elements of the installation of cable equipment cling. For fixing to the supports, steel hooks are used. They are fastened with self-tapping screws, bolts or using a bandage tape with clamps. Sometimes hooks are welded to the cross-arms of the supports. Traverses are often used, designed to fasten tension and support clamps when hanging the wire on supports.

On our site you can read the information about different cable clamps. For example, Universal supporting clamp P3.

It allows you to fix both round self-supporting cables and cables of 8 different diameters. Support clamp P3 is a piece of textile tape made of high-strength synthetic fiber resistant to UV rays. On one side, the clamp is equipped with a hook for attaching to the support arm, and on the other, it has a buckle that allows you to grip the supported cable. The metal parts of the product are designed of galvanized steel wire 05 mm. It designed for any kind of cable

Also, you can find on our website Universal supporting сlamp P1 for all types of cable for different optical cables. It is used for fixing optical cables on walk-through poles with line spans up to 100 m. It has an outer diameter of 4 to 16 mm and optical cables with a remote load-bearing element (type "8").
Changing the type of attachment is done by turning the hook 180 degrees The body is made of high-strength, frost-resistant plastic. The hook is made of high quality hot-dip galvanized steel wire. No tools required for installation.

Anchor clamps are considered to be the main attachment points for a self-supporting cable; their number on the line can be more than 100 pieces, therefore they have high requirements, such as:

- strength - the anchor should easily withstand the stated tension force.

- durability - since the anchor clamps are installed outdoors, the material of its production must be anti-corrosion and UV-resistant. As a rule, aluminum alloys and a durable polymer are used in the manufacture, which significantly reduces the weight of the product.

- ease of installation and small dimensions - installation of the anchor clamp in most cases is carried out on posts and supports.

You can find the best clamps for different kinds of cables. Just contact us and we will help you with choosing.

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