We present a new communication cable products TORSION Cat5 2*2 AWG22/19

Odeskabel plant is constantly developing new types of products, we pay special attention to the requests of our customers for new types of cables that are interesting for them. Today we present to you a new development of OD TORSION CAT.5 2*2*AWG22/19, which is used in industrial engineering, instrumentation.


New communication cable products OD TORSION CAT.5 2*2*AWG22/19

Cable is designed for stationary installation or flexible indoor use in a dry or humid environment, for industrial data transmission systems in conditions of high electromagnetic influences. Operation with transmission speeds up to 100 Mbit/s with a voltage up to 100 V DC (not designed for power networks).

Resistant to bending and torsion strains (axial torsions) and effects of mineral oils.

Made for industrial Ethernet use (like PROFINET).
Suitable for EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP networks.

For use in industrial engineering, instrumentation, and during the installation of distribution boards. Does not spread combustion. LSZH compounds are used.


Network cable TORSION CAT.5 2*2*AWG22/19 is used in industrial engineering, instrumentation

Exploitation temperature range from -40°С to + 80°С.
Bending radius no less than 5 cable diametres.



Cable design

1 – Conductor: soft copper wire
2 – Insulation: PE
3 – Inner insulation
4 – Core shield: aluminum polymer foil (metal outside)
5 – Core shield: tinned copper braid
6 – Sheath - polyurethane

Electrical parameters

Elements Units Value
Conductor diameter mm 0,8 (19х0,16)
Insulation diameter, no less mm 1,5
Sheath   polyurethane
Radial size, no less mm 8,2
Diameter, no more mm 8,2
Cable mass kg/km 62

Electrical specifications 

Parameter Units Value
Test voltage V 700
Impedance, nom Ohm 100

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