Cable clamps for fastening cables

Cable clamps are intended for fastening cables and wires in various systems.
The greatest demand is for an anchor clamp, which is used for fastening a self-supporting cable, and not only when conducting a highway but also when creating branches and inputs to buildings.

It is very popular since it can be used for installation very quickly and without tools while creating the necessary tension on the wire or cable. This type of clamp has an anti-corrosion coating, and therefore lasts a very long time.

The tension clamp is intended for fastening a self-supporting round cable. For example, anchoring tension clamps H20 are intended for fastening and holding in a taut state of self-supporting cables of circular cross-section with a diameter of 8 to 12 mm. The increased length of the clamp body and wedges provides a large area of contact with the cable sheath and allows the cable to be fastened on spans up to 120 meters.

The body and wedges of the H20 anchor clamp are made of high-strength, UV-stabilized plastic. For ease of use, the clamp has a retainer that prevents the wedges from falling out and a guide system that ensures the synchronous movement of the wedges and spreading. The fixing loop made of galvanized steel wire 5 mm can be removed if necessary, which provides additional ease of installation.

There are various types of cable clamps on our website. You can find the wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamps. It is designed for quick fastening of self-supporting optical cables of circular cross-section with a diameter of 5 to 7 mm cables with a remote load-bearing element (wire, cable, or fiberglass). The aperture between the attachment points is up to 50 meters. It consists of a frost-resistant plastic body, polymer wedges, and a galvanized steel hinge. During installation, it does not require separation or cleaning of the supporting element for fastening. Install it without special tools.

Also, we offer the universal supporting clamp P1 for all kinds of cable, which is used for fastening self-supporting optical cables on intermediate supports with line spans up to 100 m. It is designed for fixing round ADSS cables with an outer diameter of 5.5 to 13 mm and optical cables with a remote load-bearing element. Clamp body P1 is made of high-strength plastic resistant to adverse environmental influences. The hook is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 5 mm.

Contact us, and we will help you find the perfect cable.

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