Clamp selection and installation process

One of the most difficult decisions is choosing the right cable clamp. After all, the whole further process depends on this. On our website, we invite you to consider the characteristics of all popular clamp models. For example, Wedge type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp.
This element of suspended reinforcement for self-supporting insulated wire, providing tension support for low-stress conductors on facades and supports made of various materials. Mounting and dismantling of these fittings do not require the use of special equipment, which greatly simplifies the cable laying.
It is designed to quickly and easily attach round fiber optic cables as well as ADSS cables. The distance between the supports can be up to 50 meters. The main advantage of this clamp is the ultra-strong and durable materials from which it is made. This is perhaps one of the strongest and most reliable clamps on the market.

How to install clamp correctly

To achieve high quality contacts, it is important not only to choose the right clamps but also to correctly perform the switching. Follow the guidelines below to avoid major mistakes:

● Strip the wires with a special tool that will not damage the wire.
● Remember to remove the oxide film from the surface.
● Select the correct liner for proper compression.
● Pay attention to the insertion of the wire into the terminal block - it should go up to the insulating layer.
● Test the connection for strength.
● Provide a small margin of cable length for easy installation to avoid mechanical stress on the terminal block.

If a box with terminals is used, be sure to keep the distance between them - this will help to eliminate short circuits when they are possible to heat up.

Remember that, even though switching is a relatively safe and uncomplicated operation, work using wire clamps must be performed exactly according to the above rules. The level of characteristics of the power grid will depend on the reliability of switching, which, in turn, affects the stability of the devices.

You can buy a cable clamp at a reasonable price on our website. The assortment includes a full range of its elements with the possibility of choosing the optimal variant of individual items. The price for all the equipment we offer is one of the most reasonable. To buy a clamp in our online shop means to receive, in addition to it, service according to international standards and prompt delivery to any required point.

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