Choosing the right clamp

Tension clamps are reliable and easy to install on cable lines. This clamp type is designed for rigid fastening of the installation cable to the supports for the removed steel cable. The most acceptable way to install a clamp on a wire is at its beginning and end and in the area of branches and turns. This increases the reliability of the laid cable and reduces the likelihood of line disruption. These clamps can also be used in places of expected sagging of the wire on large straight sections or formed under the influence of an increased tensile load.

The design of the products is simple. The most popular ones consist of a tapered body, a pair of metal-toothed wedges that act as a clamping device, and a flexible hinge. The principle of operation is simple and consists of the self-tightening of the cable by movable wedges of the clamp.
Anchor clamps are different:

● maximum tension force;
● body materials (thermoplastic or aluminum alloy);
● length of stainless steel hinge;
● overall dimensions;
● diameter formed by zinc retaining wedges.

The sale of tension clamps and their use have significantly reduced the time and material costs when performing the mounting process. This part of wire stuff has such pluses as:

● during use, it is not necessary to remove the insulation and expose the supporting cable;
● simple mounting, reducing the possibility of error;
● you do not need special skills for installers is required;
● preparation of the wire for support does not require special tools;
● reducing the risk of damage to the cable and violation of its integrity.

The main criterion when choosing tension clamps is the diameter of the cable across the insulation. It is possible to buy tension clamps for a cable for diameters from 2 to 10 mm, and they can also be of different designs and costs.
On our website, you can see the wedge-type tension clamp H3 anchor clamp characteristics. It is a high-quality product specially designed to make laying transmission lines easier.

The use of anchor clamps extends the service life of cable overhead communications, reliably protecting them from natural disasters. Moreover, the installation is economically profitable, since the consumption of materials and tools is reduced, costs are significantly reduced.

The catalog of our online store contains various products for your choice. We offer quality products at a reasonable price and are always ready for fruitful cooperation. Contact us and see for yourself.

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