Clamps as an important part of lining network

In the process of installation and maintenance of cable systems, there is inevitably a need to use various consumables. They are designed for convenient cable routing, fixing and other types of work.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine the construction of a power transmission line without the use of additional equipment. Clamps play an important role in a quality installation. Recently, the technology of supporting individual optical cables on voltage masts and support terminals has become increasingly popular. The main purpose of this type of device is to attach the cable to an anchor point.

The operating principle of the clamp depends on the dynamic parts of the cable assembly and the wedge. It holds the dynamic part of the clamp between the cable branches. At high loads, the cable is lengthened to reduce brakes and is attached to the wedge body. The mounting part itself is attached to the holder with clamps and stainless steel wire. The most important criterion for fixing the shaft is the diameter of the closed cable, which is based on high tensile strength. Different types of clamps also differ in body material, clamp diameter, overall dimensions, etc.

On our website you can order an Wedge type tension clamp H3D anchor clamp. This is one of the most popular types of clamps which is often used when conducting a communication line.

Let's consider the reasons why it is worth purchasing this type of clamp.

1. The main purpose of the clamp is communication on a support line up to 50 meters.
2. The wedge terminal is for fixing the flat optical cable of the H3D and the portable port.
3. Long shaft clamps can also be used to fully support dielectric cables.
4. This clamp has a movable eyelet for attaching to hooks or clips with a diameter of 5 mm.
5. The connecting ring is made of hot dipped galvanized steel wire and can be removed as needed for greater ease of installation.
6. For ease of use, it has a double buckle to prevent it from getting stuck.
7. No special tools are required to install this kind of device.

Besides, this type of clamp is distinguished by reliable cable fixation.

On our website you will find all the necessary information about the product you are interested in. We offer quality rivets at affordable prices. In our catalog you will find the required model in the catalog and you can buy it. All products are certified and tested in our online store. Here you can choose a suitable clamp.

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