Reliable and long-serving clamps

For the installation of transmission lines, anchor clamps are almost always necessary, designed to hold the cables in the state of the string. The standard distance to the nearest support should not exceed 50m, but everything is individual since the weight load depends on the connection section. So, there are cables in which a 100-meter span is extended. An anchor tension clamp is mounted using a bracket or other anchorage directly on the post or facade of the building. Often it does not take a lot of time and effort from an experienced craftsman to complete all stages of work. Also, it is not necessary to buy special installation tools.

On our dedicated website you can purchase high quality and reliable clamps that will last for many years. All of them have been tested and verified, and also have the necessary quality certificates. In our catalog, there is a huge selection of clamps of all necessary fittings for installing a transmission line. For example, if you are looking for a good anchor clamp, pay attention to Anchoring tension clamp H28 is designed for hanging cables with a round part.
It consists of a robust body and even has adjustable polymer wedges that freely hold the cable without damaging the outer insulation of the cable, but in turn hold it quite firmly. This clamp is made of high-strength frost-resistant plastic, so it can be attached to city beams without fear of air damage to the structural integrity during operation. The loop is made of high quality galvanized steel wire and does not require additional or special fasteners.

The main advantages of these clamps:

● Durability, strength and isolation from external factors.
● Ensuring the required mechanical strength of attachment to the support even under overload.
● Ease of performance of work by electrical installation and operating personnel.
● Even distribution of the mechanical load on all conductors and the correspondence of the clamps to the cross-section.

Reliability and ease of installation speak for themselves. Self-supporting structures with cable connections can significantly reduce the time required to create a new fiberglass network. Also, such a solution greatly simplifies the repair of problem areas and speeds up the replacement of the entire laid cable if there are reasons for that. Thus, the high speed of network installation covers the costs and is the most optimal and profitable option.

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