Reliable power line with clamps

Fiber optic cable is the most popular among Internet service providers today. They appreciated the prospects of this technology and have already acquired powerful fiber-optic networks. Fiber optic networks have become the most demanded direction in the telecommunications industry. Every year, operators install thousands of networks, connecting the most remote corners of our country with fiber optic. They are laid in three ways: by air (power lines, other supports) underground (sewer channels, cable channels, and other drains) underwater. At the same time, it is important that the optical cable, as well as the clamps for it, are of high quality - the operation of the entire communication line depends on this.

Suspended optical communication lines - telecommunication networks providing for the laying of a fiber-optic cable along with the supports of the existing infrastructure of the city, power supply lines, transport, poles, etc. Each of the possible ways of laying an optical suspended network sets its requirements, conditions, and norms for the type of cable, the type of attachment to the support, the method of fixation, taking into account the geographical area. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the selection of cable fittings, taking into account the features of each specific design.

Actually, the fastening of an optical cable consists of metal elements, which are fittings (in particular, clamps). This is a special equipment with which the cable is attached to a pole, bridge, or powerline and is protected. Using the appropriate cable fittings will help:

● fastening durability;
● long shelf-life;
● the quality of the connection.
On low voltage lines for spans over 80 meters, it is better to use support clamps.
One of the most reliable and popular clamps is considered universal supporting сlamp P1 for all types of cable. It is used on straight runs as intermediate guide points for one clamp per support. On turns or changes in track height, only tension clamps are installed. This type of clamp has a lot of pluses:
● Simple and quick installation: install on the wire and tighten the screws.
● Minimizes bending, damage, or mechanical stress.
● Compatible with standard couplings
● The effect of crushing the cable in the clamp is excluded.
● Rubbing of the wire rope is minimized.

Detailed information about clamps for laying, fixing, and suspending optical cables and the best prices can be found on our website.

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