The need of clamps when conducting transmission lines

Our catalog contains a wide range of fittings for laying transmission lines. The clamp ensures high-quality operation of wire communications, allowing you to connect copper-aluminum conductors. A special stopper in the center helps to avoid uneven compression. Today, it is difficult to imagine the performance of networking work without the special devices, and especially clamps.

Let's consider a drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp which is used when laying lines.

This clamp consists of the reliable case steady against frosts. When installing the device, you do not need to separate or clean the support element for fastening. You do not need to have additional equipment to install the clamp. Very important is the fact that the wire sheath is not damaged when using these clamps. The span between the mounting points can reach up to 40 meters, depending on the complexity of the structure. A distinctive feature of the clamp is that at high loads (adverse weather conditions or emergencies).

The clamp has a rectangular body and an open steel outrigger hook that attaches securely to the clamping body. The device is designed of high quality steel and possesses all the necessary qualities for successful interaction with wires.
So, it is suitable for various wires, both round and flat, self-powering and dielectric. All types of these clamps have a good margin of mounting dimensions and strength, so that you can work with a very wide range of cables and mounting.


● simplicity and speed of mounting (no special skills and additional instruments, which avoids cable damage during installation);
● reliability (will allow maintaining the integrity of the cable even with such damage as a fallen tree during a thunderstorm);
● safety (the risk of injury during installation is minimized);
● quality (the clamp is resistant to stress, stretching, heat and vibration).
This clamp is made of glass-reinforced polyamide and becomes the leader among other products in its sphere, because it withstands weather, is resistant to fracture and torsion, and due to the individual smooth design does not ruin the casing themselves.

Thus, you can undoubtedly make the choice that networking is best done using quality clamps.

If you want to buy a good quality clamp you can do it on our site. Just write to us, and we'll find the perfect option just for you.

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