Reliable cable laying devices

We suggest you pay attention to the Wedge type of tension clamp H6 anchor clamp. This type of clamp has established itself as a quality product that can be used when laying transmission lines without fear of the consequences.
This clamp is designed of strong, safe material made of the super strong metal hawser. The loop can be separated for the easy hook on the ring fasteners. To protect the cable and evenly distribute the load at the attachment point, the loop is equipped with a plastic thimble.

This clamp is designed for instant installation of dynamic gears with metal-backed cables. He is able to keep the transmission line taut, thereby not harming it. After all, all the work on installing the clamp takes place without separating the main cable and does not require exposing the cable. Such a clamp can make a long span between the cable attachment points (up to 150 meters). The most useful and unique design of this clamp is its hinge connector capability.
You can quickly buy this type of clamp on our website.

Principal advantages of this clamp:

● Perfect price-performance ratio;
● Exact compliance with operational requirements;
● The parameters and weight of the part are met;
● Minimal risk of wire deformation;
● Possibility of simple fastening of fiber-optic communication lines;
● Possibility of repairing old transmission lines without dismantling;
● Simple and quick installation and the possibility of sag correction;
● The strength of the seal is equal to the breaking strength of the wire;
● Longer service life than other clamps.

The main criterion when choosing tension clamps is the size of the cable itself. You can buy reliable, safe and suitable tension clamps directly from our online store.

Remember that the use of clamps extends the life of cable overhead communications, reliably protecting them from damage, wobble and displacement. The process of installing the cable becomes more profitable, since the consumption of accessories, tools, and also the time of sleep is reduced. There is a reduction in the costs of personnel training and maintenance.

We offer products at a reasonable price and are always ready for fruitful cooperation. Our staff will help you make the right choice and purchase a suitable device. Before buying, you can study all the important information about the device and decide whether it suits you or not. We will be happy to help you make your choice and advise on any questions related to clamps and cables.

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