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Recently, fiber-optic cable is increasingly used in laying transmission lines for video surveillance, television and the Internet. The laying of an optical cable in some places is sometimes quite problematic. And the usual method of routing cables may not be suitable. Therefore, for the laying of optical cables, clamps are now often used when attached to points of support.

We present to your attention a Drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp. This clamp is a new modified version of the product equipped with a powerful metal hook instead of a loop, which allows for an even more convenient fastening of the cable to the crosshead or hook.

This type of clamp is designed from a special high-strength durable material. It is one of the strongest in its segment, it can withstand any temperature, it also perfectly resists any mechanical interference, protecting the wire itself. After all, its outer part is designed to minimize any damage and protect the wire from the slightest scratches.

The most important thing is that it is quite possible to fasten the clamp even on the street, and not only in comfort places or inside the houses. It is possible to make spans between support points without fear of breakage or deterioration in the quality of communication transmission.
The special construction of this clamp makes it possible to connect a cable to it without the slightest interference, as well as to exclude even the slightest pressure on it in case of connection to the end support.
Such a constructive solution is intended to ensure the good physical safety of a rather fragile cable and to protect it from high longitudinal loads. This cable gland is designed in such a way that it clamps the fiber optic cable tightly and evenly along the entire length of the housing with a plastic insert.

This tension clamp is suitable for fastening optical FTTH flat cable, round cable, and flat cable (with glass rods). This optical tension clamp is the ideal solution for cable mounting.

The main advantages of these products are:

● Reliability and durability
● Сompactness and ease of use
● Flexibility under a wide variety of installation conditions
● The use of composite components of polymers in the production of cable accessories, which have the appropriate electrical and mechanical characteristics
● The use of anchor clamps extends the service life of cable overhead communications

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