Why Choose Us?

Throughout 20 years of experience in the manufacturing, distribution, and service of products related to communication infrastructure in Europe, we have come a long way from a small local firm to an international company. We always keeping up with progress and using only the best and newest materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure the high-quality and durability of our products and keep high standards of company compliant with ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. 

To put it simply: our optic fiber cables accessories are designed for fast, easy, and reliable fastening or fixing of cables, which speed up overall installation process. Quality materials and smart design allow our products to be suitable for a wide variety of optic fiber cables with different diameters, and durable enough to operate even under extreme conditions (from -40 to +140°F (-40°C – +60°C) and up to 2.5 kN of working load). Maximum allowable spans between supports for our clamps are up to 492 ft. (150 m) , what makes them a great choice for out-of-town and hard to reach areas. What distinguish us even more, is that we are able to fulfill even custom orders, suitable for your needs in needed time-frame. 

On the other hand, Odeskabel optic fiber cable lines can be used for creating both air and underground commutation infrastructure. 

Odeskabel products suit any stage of infrastructure development and feature:

  • armored cables for burial with high resistance to corrosion, floods, and rodents;
  • figure 8 cables used for creating broadband access networks or general outdoor use;
  • suspension cables used for last-one-mile in FTTH networks;
  • and many more.
All our cables are made from high-quality materials using cutting-edge technologies in the field. 

To check the detailed characteristics of our products, explore our catalog and see for yourself! 
Also note that we provide testing samples and can fulfill custom requests/orders. If you have any questions of a proposition, feel free to contact us - we will be happy to be useful for you, and hope for a productive partnership!

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