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Telecommunications systems require connecting devices (telephones, switches, computers, faxes, modems, routers, etc.) with a special cable that completely eliminates the influence of noise interference on the conducted signal. This type of special cable for connecting components and creating a network in offices, industrial zones, and even just in homes is called a LAN cable.

Actually, the name LAN itself simply stands for Local Area Network. Thus, it becomes clear the very purpose of the cable for Local Area Network - Local Area Networks. Of course, the value has long gone beyond the boundaries of ordinary or not very ordinary computers and has embraced the widest space - the Internet. We want to offer you the opportunity to buy Ethernet cables online on the site UScomService.

We say LAN-cable means Ethernet cables

Despite the very wide variety of LAN cable types in terms of characteristics and purpose in the “ordinary" space of electricians and customers, when we say a LAN cable, we mean Ethernet cables. But actually, what is Ethernet cables?

The first fight against interference and external interference was carried out already in the last century by the method of grafting the cores with a special calculated step. This method of twisting or winding was specially introduced into some types of telephone cables. Ethernet cable produces to the very attenuation of external noise interference of electromagnetic fields. We offer a large selection of Ethernet cabling at wholesale and retail prices.

Further developments, calculations, research, and, of course, were carried out primarily "abroad", in fact, like computers, a computer network and, of course, the Internet. The result of such research and development appeared cable for Ethernet.

The simplest representatives of a cable for Ethernet are just three types of cable:

  • Ethernet cable UTP
  • or U/UTP, Twisted pair FTP
  • or F/UTP, Twisted Pair SFTP

UScomService ethernet cable price with a solid copper conductor

It is clear that the more materials used to make Ethernet cables, the Ethernet cables will be more expensive at a price. So, the price of UTP is always lower than the price of Ethernet cabling FTP, which is always lower than the price of Ethernet cabling SFTP.

But that's not all. Many manufacturers, because of market density and the attempt to "get in at all costs," offer such a cheap cable for Ethernet cable that immediately raises questions - how is this possible? Explanations will open as soon as you look at the core material and its diameter.

Therefore, we recommend that before you buy a twisted pair, find out about its materials and compliance with standards. It is best not to bother and immediately buy a twisted pair of a well-known manufacturer Odeskabel, thus completely eliminating the issue of quality mismatch. Even if you have to buy a twisted pair cable at a higher price, spend a little money, so to speak.

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