Tension and suspension cable clamps

Tension clamps - reliability and ease of installation of cable lines

The tension clamp is designed for non-rigidly fixing the installation cable to the supports, or to the fasteners on the building, or to the utility poles. Clips are installed at the beginning and end of the cable line, in the places suspension, in the places of its branches and turns. Tension clamps can also be used in places where the cable is supposed to sag over large straight sections or formed under the influence of an increased tensile load.

The design of the products is simple. The most popular of them consist of a conical body, a pair of plastic toothed wedges, which are a clamping device, and a steel loop. The principle of operation is simple and consists of the self-tightening of the cable with movable wedges of the clamp.

The sale of tension clamps and their use have significantly reduced the time and physical costs of installation work. This element of cable accessories has the following advantages:

  • when using it is not necessary to remove the insulation and expose the supporting cable;
  • simple installation that reduces the possibility of error;
  • special training for installers is not required;
  • preparation of the cable for installation does not require special tools;
  • reducing the risk of damage to the cable and violation of its integrity.

It is possible to buy a tension clip for a cable of various designs and costs. Anchor clamps differ:

  • maximum tension force;
  • case materials;
  • steel loop length;
  • overall dimensions;
  • diameter formed by plastic holding wedges.

The main criterion for choosing tension clamps is the insulation diameter of the cable and the distance between the suspension supports. It is possible to buy tension clips for a cable in the USA for diameters from 2 to 16 mm.

The use of anchor clamps extends the life of cable suspended communications, reliably protecting them from wind vibrations. And the installation itself becomes economically viable, as the consumption of materials and tools is reduced, the cost of training personnel and warranty service is reduced.

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