Modular plastic flooring, non slip drainage flooring

Modular polymers non-slip drainage floor coverings are made on high-tech equipment using special technology of high-quality polymers compound. Polymers granules are manually mixed with dyes in a special container, then the raw materials are dried in a drying unit and then loaded into the hopper of the injection unit. The process of casting a floor covering is an injection of molten material into a mold with its subsequent cooling. After cooling, the finished product is removed from the mold, after which the sprue is trimmed. After trimming the gate, each product is monitored for compliance with quality parameters (shape, size, surface quality, color, shrinkage). Then the product is placed on a rack for sinking and cooling. After logging, the products are checked for docking with each other. To do this, at least 4 cooled products are joined on a flat surface. The cooled products are packed in boxes.

Plastic modular coatings are the most environmentally friendly and practical materials to use. This is due to the fact that they are used to equip gyms and playgrounds, as well as garden areas. Stacking can provide the perfect ball kick off the floor, which is necessary in football, basketball, volleyball. This type of floor will be practical for rollerdrome.

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In order to install modular coatings, you do not need special knowledge and abilities. Moreover, the whole process takes a little time. It is possible to install this type of coating on any type of surface, including asphalt, concrete, sand, or soil. By laying it is possible to cover even natural grass, and thus, it will be under reliable protection from any damage, even under conditions of a high level of load.

Plastic modular coatings do not need special care. If one of the parts is damaged, then it can easily be changed. A wide selection of colors will give you the opportunity to choose the right shade, which you need to equip the room. Moreover, a wide selection of colors allows you to use it in advertising.

Plastic flooring benefits:
  • do not require large investments, quickly pay off;
  • safety and comfort in the game of athletes are provided;
  • simple and quick installation;
  • anti-slip effect - protective non-slip properties;
  • reliable drainage;
  • high level of environmental friendliness and antibacterials;
  • heat resistance, even in conditions of large differences;
  • the ability to install on any kind of surface and secure it;
  • a wide range of colors, branding;
  • no need for care.

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