Internet fiber optic cables

Internet fiber optic cables at wholesale price
An optical cable (fiber optic cable) is a cable that consists of one or more optical fibers coated with a protective sheath. Optical fiber - is a thread of optically transparent material, and is used to transfer light inside itself due to total internal reflection. A cable made of optical fibers is used in fiber-optic communication lines, and allows you to transmit information over long distances, with a huge data transfer speed.

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Internet fiber optic cables
Fiber cables are made up of many smaller optical fibers. These fibers are extremely thin, to be specific they are less than a tenth as thick as a human hair. Though they are thin, they have a lot going on. Each optical fiber has two parts:
  • The Core: Usually made of glass, the core is the innermost part of the fiber, where the light passes through.
  • The Cladding: Usually made of a thicker layer of plastic or glass, the cladding is wrapped around the core.
Fiber optic cable is the main medium for transmitting digital information at high speed and over long distances. The technology of optical cable allows us to ensure the secrecy of the transmitted information due to the high noise immunity. To connect to optics, it is necessary to violate the integrity of the sheath of the light conductor, and this makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized access to information transmitted through the optical fiber. The main advantage of such a cable is that its cost does not depend on the price of metals. It is also worth noting that the low price of fiber guarantees a low cost of production of this type of cable products.

Due to the advantage in the speed and range of data transmission, fiber-optic communication cable is a serious competitor to copper conductors.

By appointment, optical networks are divided into:
  • backbone;
  • local
  • intra house.
Today, optical cable is used not only for outdoor installation (suspended on air supports laid in the ground or sewage), but also for internal wiring to the subscriber (inside the building). Depending on the type of fiber, the cable is divided into single-mode and multi-mode.

The main characteristics of optical cables:
  • optical modules, as well as fibers in these modules;
  • insulation material, aggregate, shell, fire resistance;
  • operating temperature and fiber strength;
  • type of cable, the presence of bearing, power, and reinforcing elements, as well as armor.
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