Drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp

Attaching the optical cable is the main part of the installation. It should be used only according to special schemes so as not to damage the fibers: the wire should not be stretched, bends, shocks, low temperatures, tension or sagging should be avoided when installing overhead lines. The strength of such lines depends on the correct choice of fastening, the reliability of its elements. You can see the quality fiber clamps in the catalog on our website. The choice depends on the diameter of the cord, the distance between the supports, their position on the ground and other factors. Before purchasing a clamp, you need to study all the specifications and select the right product for your job. You can consult with our managers who will help you to select the desired product.

For example you can choose Drop wire clamp for FTTH network H15 fiber optic wedge clamp with the help of which it becomes possible to attach the cable without violating the integrity of the cable and without violating the elements of its support. Thanks to this clamp, it is possible to avoid internal damage to the cable, because it does not require exposing the lines.

This clamp is used to attach to various types of cables such as oval, round or flat. Also, this product is used for carrying out FTTH networks. It helps connect the fiber optic cable to a wall or other support. This product is ideal for keeping two ends of the overhead superstructure on the carrier channel.

The body of the cable is made from highly durable plastic. It also has a polymer wedge and galvanized steel. It is not afraid of extreme temperatures and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The product can not just undergo any temperature changes but also, it has high resistance to mechanical stress, it does not break or twist. The clamping surface is impeccably smooth, polished, so the application does not harm either the cable or the fibers.

Main advantages:

● Strong and sturdy
● Proven by experts
● Doesn't require any special additional tools.
● The cable jacket is not damaged when using these anchor clamps.
● The span between the attachment points can be 30-40m.

A differential characteristic of the clamp is that under increased load, it is destroyed without damaging the cable, that sometimes can prevent the line from breaking. Due to their hook-like design, the H15 clamps are intended for fastening to a cross-beam.

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