Features of cable clamps that everyone should know

Cable clamps are universal tools for fastening cables. They combine originality of design with the innovative features that provide ease of use, as well as adjustable and reliable cable organizational solutions. This reliable and high-quality tool, in most cases, includes a release button, a carrying handle, a D-ring with a pull-out hook, and a cable hole. Many users find tension clamps extremely useful for organizing and/or attaching a variety of cable types like electrical cable, optic cable, ethernet cable, etc. to the utility pole.

If it is impossible, inexpedient, or disadvantageous to lay the cable in open ground or cable ducts, air-optic fiber lines are usually built, while the cable is mounted on existing towers of overhead communication lines, power transmission towers, etc. Aerial cable laying allows you to reduce the construction time of the optical network line and reduce the cost of laying it, although it requires certain features in the design and installation. Most often, when laying overhead lines of a fiber optic network, a self-supporting optical cable is used. This type of cable, in addition to several optical fiber cores, includes a special power element (steel or fiberglass cable), and also has a lightweight design.

When the aerial method of laying is used, it is extremely important to choose a good, high-quality, and proper fastening. There are three main types of cable mounts: tension, support, and combination. With the cable tension method, the optical fiber is tensioned at special anchor wedges. The clamps are installed at the beginning and end of the track, at its turns. In addition, they can be used at several points in the middle of a long rectilinear section, in places of significant tensile load on the cable, with a difference in height of the mounting points, etc.

Anchor type cable clamps can easily mount the cable to the utility pole or any other structure to hold it in place properly without moving. The design is very simple, allowing you to open and close the clips with one hand, but will not allow the cable to slip out of the clamp. There are some multi-functional designs available as well as different sizes of the clamp depending on the cable diameter that it needs to be used with.

The most popular is an anchor clamp. It has the greatest demand in the modern market. It is used in the process of attaching any type of cable (self-supporting cable, electric cable, optic cable, ethernet cable). When because of the landscape cables can not be laid underground contractors will use aerial method and attach cables to the utility poles using our anchor clamps. It can be easily installed without the use of additional tools while creating an optimal tension. It is also worth saying that our clamps are made from the best-tested materials that are not sensitive to corrosion, UV light, extremely high and low temperatures, so it will serve you for a long service life. All clamps are reusable.

You can order them directly on our website or by the specified phone number. If you have any questions regarding the technical characteristics of the clamps, our managers will help you make the right choice.

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