Fiber optic cable designs

Optical cable is produced in different countries and several designs are currently being developed. A large distribution is received by several of them:

  • Tape type;
  • With core core;
  • With a free tube;
  • With a free bundle of fibers.

Ribbon Type Optical Cable
In this type of design, the optical fibers of the cable are combined into ribbons located inside the core tube. Cable composition:

  • Polyethylene coating;
  • Exhaust cables;
  • Wire power element;
  • Core tube;
  • Aggregate;
  • Optical fiber tape;
  • Hydrophobic tape;
  • Coated corrugated steel;
  • Ribbon Type Optical Cable Design.

Profile wok design with core core
In this design there is a figured core with cavities in which optical fibers are located. A feature of this design is that the core is in the center and takes on all the tensile and compressive effects on the cable.

  • Composite coating;
  • Tie tape;
  • Figured core;
  • Optical fibers;
  • Steel power element;
  • Twisted pair;
  • Colored marker threads;
  • Coated corrugated steel;
  • Exhaust cable;
  • Polyethylene sheath.

Free fiber bundle design
Here the bundles of optical fibers are located inside the core tube. This design allows you to reduce the load on the cable - tensile, compressive and compressive. Exhaust cables are used to conveniently cut the outer polyethylene sheath. Cable composition:

  • Polyethylene coating;
  • Exhaust cables;
  • Wire power element;
  • Core tube;
  • Aggregate;
  • Bundles of optical fibers;
  • Coated corrugated steel;
  • Hydrophobic tape.

Design of fiber optic cable for the seabed
Cables for the seafloor are experiencing the highest loads, so they have special requirements. Most of their construction is made up of protective elements. Cable construction:

  • Polyethylene;
  • Copper;
  • Steel wire;
  • Nylon;
  • Optical fiber;
  • Elastomer;
  • Seabed fiber optic cable.

Fiber optic cables for telephone networks
For urban telephone networks, a lightweight cable is used. They are laid in sewers, sewers, pipes and inside buildings. The telephone cable is designed with a large number of fibers in each optical module. Structure:

  • Central power element located in the center;
  • Optical modules located around the power element;
  • Optical fibers;
  • Hydrophobic aggregate between modules;
  • Binding tapes;
  • Outer polyethylene sheath.

Fiber optic cable for indoor installation in buildings
The design includes the following elements:

  • Optical fibers;
  • Buffer shell;
  • Power element;
  • Outer shell.

Optics for indoor installation is divided into:

  • Simplex cables;
  • Duplex;
  • Multi-fiber;
  • For use in harsh conditions;
  • Fireproof.

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