Ideal solution for laying reliable networks

Despite the intensive development of wireless technologies, cable lines are still the most reliable and inexpensive solution for organizing computer networks. Choosing the right twisted pair cable when designing and grouping such networks is one of the main challenges. Sheath type is one of the main parameters when choosing a cable. Depending on the place of application, a cable with a PVC sheath is chosen for indoor installation.  
As a rule, PVC cable is usually used for horizontal routes from the center of the wiring. You can use it for vertical walkways between floors with proper ventilation, while the LSZH cable is used between floors in the building.

PVC sheathed cable is the most common and has many advantages. On our site, you can find excellent Ethernet cable cat 6a Low Smoke PVC Riser cable Pure solid copper UTP bulk 1000 ft. It will be the ideal solution for laying reliable networks.
The ability to withstand a lot of bends and undergo deformation allows it to be used for the manufacture of extensions of different lengths. Polyvinyl Chloride is resistant to chemical solvents, many acids, alkalis, and other aggressive chemicals. It is also highly heat resistant. However, this cable is intended for a single installation. Also, in addition to the frost and moisture resistance of the shell material, it is worth considering the norms and requirements for fire safety. For stringent requirements, an indoor cable with an LSZH sheath is suitable.

It is 100% worth choosing a cable with LSZH sheath when laying a cable for connection in places where fire safety is essential. It will increase safety and will help to avoid problems.

Ethernet cable cat 6a Riser cable LSZH Pure solid copper UTP bulk 1000 ft zero halogen is specially designed for such places. Its main advantages are:

• low smoke - when burning, the cable does not emit black soot and smoke
• there are no halogens containing chlorine, bromine, and other harmful elements, which means that it cannot negatively affect human health and spoil expensive equipment
• low corrosion is better resistance to ultraviolet and chemical exposure, which again speaks of safety.
• LSZH casing is strong, flexible, and lightweight and, like PVC casing, is heat resistant.

Thus, the choice of material depends only on your cable laying conditions. You just have to visit our website, and we will help you choose the best items for you.

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