OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable is a fundamentally new product used in the construction of computer networks. The difference lies in the signal transmitting data - here it is light, not electrical. Fiberglass acts as a conductor, through which a signal can be broadcast for tens of kilometers, practically without losing its strength.

The average signal attenuation is about 5 km. Fiberglass thickness ranges from 5 to 60 microns. Today, fiber is the most advanced and productive type of cable. Light travels along an optical fiber consisting of a core and a cladding. The light refractive indices of the core are several times higher than those of the cladding, due to this, the light rays do not go beyond the conductor. Optical fiber structure If we consider the structure of the optical fiber, then you can trace some similarities with coaxial cable. The center conductor is fiberglass and the inner insulation is a special plastic or glass sheath that blocks the light rays inside the cable. Considering the principle of operation of such a cable, you can see the mode of total internal reflection of light from two faces with different refractive indices. In this case, there is no need to add a metal braid - protection from external electromagnetic waves is not necessary.

Let's take a closer look at OKL unarmoured fiber optic cable that you can buy on our website. The cable is intended for using and mechanized laying in cable ducts, pipes, blocks in the absence of the risk of damage by rodents and the absence of the threat of flooding; suspension on communication lines, power lines, contact networks of the railway and urban electric transport, city lighting poles and between buildings. The cable provides the strength and flexibility required for suspension and installation in ducts, pipes, and ducts. It is worth remembering that when laying in cable ducts with the threat of damage by rodents when laying directly in the ground, the cable must be laid in protective plastic pipes or special protection against rats is applied.

The advantages of this type of cable:
● minimum weight and diameter
● optimal resistance to tensile and crushing loads
● the high electrical resistance of the containment during the entire service life
● optimal rigidity and low coefficient of friction of the shell
● reliable protection against damage by rodents
● the low temperature of laying and operation
● use of materials from the best manufacturers
● the convenience of laying and installation
● long service life

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