The main advantages anchoring tension clamp

Nowadays, optical cables are in demand on all communication networks. They are needed as a carrier of information between active devices. When purchasing such a product, it is necessary to ensure that its transmission parameters correspond to the type of network and equipment where it is received. To complete their installation, you need to purchase related products. For example, a tension clamp for a cable in overhead wiring options.

Optical cables have a wide range of applications:

● without them long-distance and city telephone communication will not be able to function;
● they are needed to transmit signals over great distances at high speed;
● for the formation of lines, etc.

The technology of installing optical cables on supports by means of supporting and tension clamps is quite popular.

The role of tension clamps is to securely fasten the wire to the supports. They must be installed at the beginning and end of the track, as well as at turns. They are also used along a straight section, where there is a large tensile load on the wire, where there is a difference in the heights of the attachment points, and so on.
Anchoring clamps of different kinds are especially popular. These items are designed with stainless steel cable, captive wedges and a high strength housing. Clamps for cables with a supporting cable allow you to install the cable quickly, without separating the power element and stripping. On the clamping cable, a plastic loop provides insulation of the bearing element when it is connected to the support. The anchor clamp creates the necessary tension in the span of the common line.
Anchoring is used for the tensioning method. For example, Anchoring tension clamp H24. Which can fasten and hold in a taut state of flat self-supporting dielectric cables when making communication lines along the poles of lighting and power transmissions.

They are used directly on highways and its branches. They make it possible to quickly and easily fix the wire on the supports.

The main advantages these clamps are:

● Excellent strength;
● They are small in size,
● Easy to operate;
● Fast installation of lines.

Installation of such clamps does not require the use of special tools; for a stable and reliable fixation, the stainless steel cable has limiting fasteners on both sides. Clamp H24 is designed to support and fix the flat overhead cable. It is made in a stainless steel case.
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