UScomService with Odeskabel develops and manufactures its own ranges of fiber optic cables

UScomService with Odeskabel develops and manufactures its own ranges of fiber optic cables. Under the Odeskabel brand, the company provides comprehensive lines of drops for fiber optic access deployments in dense or non-dense areas. Our optical drop cabling offer is CPR compliant and developed to meet all types of network configurations: for duct, façade, and overhead lines outside plant or indoor FTTH roll-outs. Built with first-choice fiber and cable sheath materials, UScomService cables are developed as future-proof solutions for ultrafast broadband fiber networks. Depending on the selected model, UScomService cables can be laid by pulling or pushing, ran inside occupied ducts, or simply laid alongside baseboards by stapling or gluing.

Rugged and flexible fiber optic cables for durable FTTH networks
UScomService range meets all the FTTH infrastructure needs from outdoor or indoor distribution points up to the customer’s premises. To bring end-to-end optimal solutions for each and every infrastructure configuration, UScomService provides drop cables engineered for specific applications as well as versatile drops, developed to adapt to various installation environments. Our offer of drop cables includes outdoor, indoor or outdoor-indoor optical cable solutions.

UScomService cables are developed as technician-friendly solutions. These drops offer an easy acces to the fibre and mechanical performances enabling easy and comfortable installations. Our UScomService OKT and OKTs drop families reflect this flexibility as they offer excellent performances both when used for outdoor or indoor deployments. Their parallel FRP strength members add robustness to the cable construction enabling its installation on aerial or direct-buried outside plant infrastructures.

UScomService OKT and OKTs suit for one and the other SDUs and MDUs roll-out projects. Thanks to their water blocking feature, these optical drops enable outside access network connections on short distances. The OKT or the OKTs drop cables can be pulled into ducts or laid on facades, on section lengths inferior to 50 meters. When used for indoor applications, OKT and OKTs can also be pulled into ducts. For deployments in old dwellings, these drops can be stapled or glued alongside baseboards. These drop families offer alternative engineering solutions to meet at best your network deployment needs. The OKT drop is built with one module, while the OKTs is developed with 1 module per fiber, enabling thus independent fiber management. These two drop families are available in 2 colors: gray and black.

US Communication Service also offers comprehensive ranges of aerial double sheathed drop cables such as OKTw. These optical subscriber cables provide for an optimal installation and connection convenience: their HDPE sheath can be easily stripped off to give access to a LSZH-FR cable sheath. This outdoor-indoor transition without cable cutting is a key time-efficient solution for fiber optic deployment jobs. No splice is thus needed to make a connection between the outdoor and the indoor drop.

Moreover, by using the same FTTH cable for fiber roll-out from an outdoor distribution point to the optical telecommunications outlet, an optical signal is transmitted without additional loss caused by connections. When poorly performed, optical connectivity made by splicing or with connectors causes optical losses. This weighs down the optical budget required for the delivery of a very high-speed service to the end-user.

For indoor fiber roll-outs using pushing into ducts techniques, UScomService offers its OKAD-M drop family. These drops are engineered especially for FTTH deployments in SDUs. Their flat, rectangular shape eases the handling and installation operations. Offering a compact design thanks to its small dimensions, the OKAD-M or OKAD-Mt suits also to installation into already occupied ducts.

Bringing fiber to the home in MDUs configurations by pulling or gluing techniques is also possible with UScomService OKT-D and OKT-Ds solutions. These two optical subscriber cables offer reduced diameters and tight buffer module constructions for optimal laying on the long side of baseboards, door and window frames or installation in already occupied ducts. Their flexible, yet rugged construction makes the OKT-D and OKT-Ds optimal solutions for indoor applications. The most important dissociation between these two drop families is that the OKT-Ds offers a thinner diameter than the OKT-D. OKT-D and OKT-Ds have been engineered with a longitudinal water blocking feature by using swelling elements.

Expert in telecom infrastructures and above all in aerial configurations, UScomService provides drop cable families for overhead line deployments, mainly on short and medium spans. Our aerial cable design construction takes into account not only climatic conditions specific to the deployment area, but also topological parameters such as cable deflection, span, terrain slope. Ruggedly engineered, these cables are designed for SDUs configurations. They are available with a simple PUR sheath or built as a 2-in-1 solution, consisting into a HDPE sheath covering a LSZH-FR cable sheath.

Enhancing modularity, UScomService cables for outside plants are suitable both for overhead roll-outs and for duct installation by pulling on several hundreds of meters.

The choice between a drop cable and another must take into consideration various criteria. Some are obvious such as the cable’s diameter and its compatibility with the installation environment. However, to anticipate future network evolutions and select the most suitable material for a specific deployment project, one must consider the number of existing or forthcoming CPs in SDUs or MDUs configurations, as well as the number of subscribers, the correlated probability of expansion or decline. Furthermore, other considerations must be considered such as what is the cable used for, is there fusion splice involved, storage or management, plug-and-play connections etc. No matter the complexity of your deployment projects, UScomService has the solution for you.

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