Our partner is one of the largest manufacturers of cable products in Europe

The best manufacturer of network cables and fiber optic cables of all typesSteady way to success and recognition

Odeskabel PJSC is the absolute cable industry leader in Ukraine with great experience and facilities.

1949 — first “meters” of the plant
In the middle of the last century according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the State Union cable workshops of the cords and wires production were established. On April 9, 1949 the first meters of the lamp cord PRD-2x1.5 were released. This precise date is considered as the day of Odessa cable plant foundation.

1953-1956 — product-line expansion
Since May 1953, the manufacturing of cable products with PVC insulation was started. And the first products of the plant in this direction were wires for commercial blasting.

Later the production of telephone wires and city cables from 10 to 600 pairs was arranged. And in 1956 the plant has expanded its capabilities — a workshop allowing the increase of cable product-line

1960-1970 — steady focus on capabilities upgrade
In the 60s of the last century, a rapid growth of technical capabilities upgrade began in the life of the company: new production buildings were constructed, innovative equipment was introduced, standards were changed.

The status of the plant itself was finally formed — these were no longer only “cable workshops”, but a large manufacturer of cables and wires for the electronics, radio engineering and communications industry.

A site with automatic lines for the production of telephone cores by NOKIA (Finland) was mounted. Automated Process Control System (APCS) was implemented.

1970-1980 — never look back!
The plant has always actively moved with the times, followed the trends and needs of the modern age. This led to the fact that at the end of the 70s, the serial production of a city telephone cable with the number of pairs up to 2400 inclusive was started for the first time in the USSR.

1980-1986 — high production level
The capacities upgrade was continued: new automatic lines for the production of telephone wires and 10-pair telephone cables with a hydrophobic filler have appeared.

This period was remembered for the development of the fiber-optic communication cables production (the site for city and stationary fiber optic cables production was commissioned).

In 1986, the automated complex ATKT-100 manufactured by NOKIA was launched.

1990-1992 — new markets development
The plant received the first experience of the international market (Australia, Ireland, Germany) access. The company made successful deliveries of NYM cable.

One more innovation is noteworthy — a site for a large range of optical cables production for rural, city, zone, and trunk transmission lines, as well as for river crossings.

1996-2000 — free floating
The plant is being transformed into an open joint-stock company. It was decided to start the privatization process.

The “transfer” of the company to private ownership was finished only around the turn of the millennium. And the Odessa cable plant becomes a completely non-governmental organization.

Products aboard the delivery of Ukraine continues. The clients include such major telecommunication companies as Kazakhtelecom JSC, UMTS Ministry of Communication of Azerbaijan Republic, Moldtelecom JSC, Electrosvyaz OJSC, Beltelecom RUE, and Electrosvyaz Georgia.

The dramatic event of this period was the introduction of the ISO 9002: 1994 quality system.

2001-2002 — innovations and deserved admission
2001 was remembered for the launch of a new workshop of the LAN cable and oxygen-free copper wire rod production.

During the same year, three leading specialists of the plant were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine for a set of research, design, and technological developments for the introduction of high technologies in the FOC production.

A bit later, Odeskabel PJSC introduced the ISO 9001 quality system revised and amended in 2000.

The plant begins to support children from local schools and orphanages, indigent people in hospitals and Adult Residential Facilities, as well as other socially vulnerable groups of the population.

2004 — management system according to international standards
A management system according to international standards was implemented:
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001:1996.
  • Industrial safety management system according to OHSAS 18001:1999.
  • Social responsibility management system according to SA 8000:2001.

2005-2008 — the way of rapid development
Cooperation with European companies was resumed. The clients included Tyco Electronics Polska Sp z.o.o. (Poland), British Telecom 21 Century Network, MILLER INDUSTRIAL INC. (Panama).

The workshops for the production of on-site FOC and power supply cables with a voltage of up to 1 kV were commissioned. The design of production lines and investment in digital xDSL cables of the latest generation was carried out.

In 2007, the latest development of the enterprise was offered to telecommunications companies — a digital cable (for telephone networks upgrade), the production of which was launched.

A new direction was developed and mastered — heating cables with a vast scope of applications.

2009 — 60th anniversary of Odeskabel PJSC
The production of a power supply cable for a voltage of 10 kV was timed to the anniversary of the plant. The fact that the own testing laboratory of the enterprise received the state accreditation of NAAU is also important.

2011 — new achievements
The company starts the production of heating cables for underfloor heating, interface cable, and on-site FOC. A modern testing station for power supply cables up to 35 kV was certified under the State Standard of Ukraine and commissioned.

2012-2013 — movement towards the success
The plant expands the geography of supplies due to the EU market access (the main product for export is LAN cable - ethernet cable).

Main communication cables produced by Odeskabel PJSC have passed the certification at the Makeyevka State Research Institute for safety in the mining industry, which made it possible to use them in underground excavations of mines.

Another significant event of these years was the development of composite cable production (FOC + LAN) and fireproof cables with insulation and coating made of special halogen-free compounds.

The victory was achieved in the All-Ukrainian competition for product quality “100 best goods of Ukraine” in the nomination “Industrial and technical products” Heating Section WOKS 2013.

2014-2017 — ramp-up
The next stage of production facilities modernization of the FOC workshop was completed (two modern production lines were installed and three existing ones were updated).

The plant became the laureate of the 10th International Quality Tournament of CEE countries and the 19th National Ukrainian Quality Competition.

The production volumes of ethernet cables have been increased and the production of new types of FOC has been arranged.

In 2015, a warehouse logistics center was commissioned for 1,300 pallets. A year later, the plant launched the production of a unique cable for a rated voltage of 10 kV with an especially large power core cross-section of 800 mm2.

In 2016, the recertification audit of QMS was carried out in accordance with the new version of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

The expansion of the delivery geography, and the reorientation of markets from the CIS to European countries is currently in progress.

The most modern equipment for production a wide range of copper and fiber-optic cables, communication cables, ethernet cables

2018 - European quality
In 2018, the Odessa Cable Plant Odeskabel PJSC has launched a new production complex for the production of modern network cables and fiber optic cables production, which allowed the enterprise to increase the capacity of produced products. The new complex consists of German and French production equipment, which allows the production of cables that meet all the norms of international standards.

In the framework of the International Sustainable Energy Forum SEF 2018 in Kyiv, at the solemn ceremony of the SEF AWARDS 2018, Odeskabel PJSC was awarded for the best local product of Eastern Europe sustainable energy.

2019 — 70th anniversary of Odeskabel PJSC

This is only a conservative list of the plant achievements for 70 years of its development. And by the current look of the company it is clear that the story of Odeskabel PJSC is not ended ...

It is just the beginning!

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