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Wedge type tension clamp H6 anchor clamp

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Anchoring, wedge-shaped tension clamp H6 models are suitable for self-supporting aerial or ADSS fiber optic cables, electric cables and for “figure 8”-like cables with external load-bearing element - for round cables with diameter from 0,23 to 0,35” (6-9 mm).

This clamp provides you an ability to fasten the cable, without exposing the cable or separating supporting element. The installation does not cause any damage to the sheath. This clamp has several names: wedge type tension clamp for cable suspension, dead-end clamp, wedge fastening clamp, anchor clamp and similar.

There are few steps of fastening the cable using this anchor clamp:

  • partial extension of the wedges into the housing;
  • cable insertion;
  • cable clamping;
  • insertion of a steel loop.

Please note that the stated price is the retail price for 1 piece anchoring tension clamp H6. Wholesale price vary and can be discussed - get the price quote

With the use of this clamp, it is possible to fasten two types of cables: circular cross-section cable and type 8 cables.
Clamp H6 models consists of a plastic frost and UV resistant body, polymeric wedges and loop made of a hot-dip galvanized steel. Allows an easy manual installation without any tools for building overhead communication lines on utility poles. It fastens by a loop to the utility poles with the help of hooks, brackets, etc.

Wedge type tension clamps is used for fast fastening of electric and fiber optic cables, ADSS cables, with the following parameters according to the model:
• H3 – for round cables with diameter from 0,15 to 0,275” (4-7mm);
• H4 – for oval or flat cables with diameter from 0,15 to 0,31” (4-8 mm);
• H6 – for round cables with diameter from 0,23 to 0,35” (6-9 mm);
• H3 and H6 – for self-supporting aerial cables, ADSS or “figure 8” suspension cables with an external load-bearing element with diameter from 0,15 to 0,35” (4-9 mm).

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum spans between fastening points 262 ft. (80 m);
  • Working load - up to 1.4 kN;
  • Breaking load - 1.8 kN;
  • Loop thickness — 0,195” (5 mm);
  • Operating temp. -40 to +140°F (-40°C – +60°C).

The distinctive feature of our clamps is that under extreme conditions (frosting, trees falling, hurricanes, etc.) the clamp is destroyed without damage to the cable which, in some cases, prevents line breakage.
Our tension clamps are made of high-quality materials and are able to operate under extreme conditions and loads. It designed for a fast mounting of self-supporting optical, electrical and other cables on the utility poles.
The cable is not damaged when using this tension anchor clamp. And wedges for an even distribution of a load on the cable sheath and for reducing mechanical stress in order to protect cables from tearing during the increased load - icing, falling branches an cables, hurricane, strong wind, etc.

* Price is for 1 piece.
Note that the price depends on the volume of orders and can be discussed.
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