Transmission line support

Anchoring tension clamp

There are special wedge-type clamps for a self-supporting optical cable, which are used for mounting overhead fiber-optic lines and allow you to quickly attach the wire to the suspension, securely fixing it and at the same time not damaging the sheath of the wire itself.
All clamps of wedge-shaped fittings are made of high quality materials that are resistant to weather conditions, temperature changes and active solar exposure.

The tension clamps are a wedge-shaped structure made of plastic and metal through which the optical cable must be pulled. The plastic case consists of several parts that form a kind of wedge in which the cable is fixed. And with the help of a metal loop, the clamp is attached to hooks, traverses or brackets. The main function of the tension clamps is to provide a certain tension on the cable line. Due to the effect of the cable's weight, the required tension is achieved. The plastic from which the body of the tension anchor clamps is made is UV resistant. To choose the right clamps of this type, it is necessary to take into account the type and diameter of the cable, as well as the maximum permissible load, the maximum span between the supports. As a rule, two clamps are installed on each post - at the beginning of the line and its end.

On our website, you can purchase an Anchoring tension clamp H20. It is quite popular among professionals in its field due to its unique positive characteristics.
The support clamp is used when laying optical fiber when it is necessary to observe the height of the suspension and the sag. The support clamps are of a fairly simple design to securely hold the cable. They are often installed on metal hooks fixed to supports. The most widely used clamps of the support type are used when the cable run is rotated by no more than 25 degrees or at intermediate nodes.

This element of cable accessories has the following advantages:

● during use, it is not necessary to remove the insulation and expose the supporting cable;
● easy installation, reducing the possibility of error;
● no special training of specialists is required;
● preparation of the cable for installation does not require special tools;
● reducing the risk of damage to the cable.

If you have difficulties with choosing the product you need, contact us for support, and we will be happy to help you choose the equipment you need. On our site, you can find the characteristics and descriptions of different clamps and choose your own.

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