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The laying of network lines is a responsible work that requires strict adherence to the rules for installing wires and self-supporting insulated wire fittings, as well as safety precautions during work. Clamps must maintain the strength and power of the wire and not be weakened by wind and hard snow. The compound will be resistant to moisture, surface, and sunlight.

On our site, you can read all info about an Anchoring tension clamp H20 that is one of the most popular mounting devices.
The H20 is used to lay and protect round twisted cables with an initial diameter of 8-12mm by placing overhead lines on voltage types and electric poles. Narrow reinforcement with excellent length provides an excellent connection.
It is a very reliable and strong clamp. The extended body length and extended handle leave more room for cable cutting and allow the cable to be attached to columns up to 120 meters.

The body and wedges of the H20 anchor clamps are made of UV-resistant plastic. To facilitate gripping, a wedge can be provided to prevent the wedge from slipping, and a guide system that ensures synchronous movement of the wedge and its cover. Glasses made of 5 mm steel wire that can be removed if necessary, which provides additional ease of installation.

Key benefits and characteristics of this cable attachment accessory:

● No installation tools required
● Meets EU standards
● The design allows the clamp to be attached to closed hook rings
● Clamp body made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, stainless steel cable, wedges made of weather- and UV-resistant polymer
● Universal clamp

Anchor clamps will provide a reliable cable solution and durability to prevent flooding due to strong wind and snow. Besides, due to moisture, the material has to withstand high and low temperatures for light and sunlight. These long clamps are inserted with hooks and pegs, and the cables have welded corners that do not reduce the level of installation. It is designed for different ropes with different strings for different characteristics.

The specialists of our company have extensive experience and practical knowledge of cables and clamps. To buy the required part at a reasonable price, you can order it on our website. In our online store, we offer various clamps that differ in their quality characteristics and pricing policy. Just contact us, and you will have the best quality clamp at the best price.

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