Universal supporting clamps

Connecting wires with clamps is a very common method that has received approval from the relevant organizations and is recognized as completely safe. Nowadays, clamps are used almost always when laying power lines. The term clamps hide a whole group of various products, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages. There are a huge number of different types, with certain characteristics and features. But there are also universal cable clamps. For example, on our web page, you can get acquainted with Universal supporting clamp P3.

The clamp is universal and is used for fastening one or several cables to the bollards. It was designed for all types of cables. So, it is very comfortable and simple to use. Therefore, it can be called indispensable for laying transmission lines. Each master should have this type of clamp in his arsenal.
The hook of the clamp is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel wire that makes it quite reliable.

The main advantages of P3 clamps:

- simplicity, speed, and availability of the installation;
- electrical safety, the dielectric body protects against electric shock;
- has mechanical strength;
- resistance to mechanical stress and vibration;
- the ability to switch metal conductors of different cross-sections and materials.

The stainless steel support and protective casing reliably protect the cable without damaging its outer part. The medium-sized screed P3 is made of durable materials and can be placed every 100 m on the supports and walls of the building, without fear of breaking the integrity of the building due to the presence of air during operation. Using direct and indirect support devices with cables like clamp P3 can shorten the time it takes to build new fiber networks. Besides, such a choice of the device can significantly solve the problem and speed up the implementation of the project.
It is designed to help you with your work, and rely on the support of a line when you plug it into a USB cable. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, the P3 clamp can be attached to a single cable or the whole harness.

On our site, you can find a huge variety of different accessories and devices for cables. So, we offer you a convenient and fast way to order products from our online store. You will get the opportunity to place orders online, receive advice from our specialists, and a quality guarantee for all products. Just write to us, and we will help you to choose the proper clamp.

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