Varieties of clamps

The clamps provide the necessary grip when attaching the cable channel. They are placed at the beginning and end of the track, at turns and on every fifth or sixth support (depending on the distance between them). At large height differences, the distance between the anchors forms a wedge-shaped plastic body with self-tightening steel wedges. Usually, firms use plastic for production that does not deteriorate under the influence of ultraviolet. The optical cable passes through the cable gland and is securely fixed with wedges. The use of fasteners ensures that the cable will be well tensioned against its weight.
The most popular are the following cable fastening models:
- H3 (a round self-supporting dielectric cable is attached to it);
- H20 (use for connecting oval insulated dielectric cable, suitable for connecting FTTH interface cable or twisted pair);
-H24 (use for holding a contact line with an external vector).

As we can see basic parameters of anchor clamps:

○ diameter of the clamped cable of the self-supporting cable;
○ maximum tension force;
○ various designs of anchor clamps differ in body material;
○ clamp loop diameter;
○ overall dimensions, and other parameters.

Let's take a closer look at one of the most popular products on our website Wedge clamp H6 anchor clamp.

It is designed for fast and reliable fastening of round self-supporting cables with a diameter of 6 to 7 mm. It is also possible to connect a cable with a larger diameter (up to 9 mm), but the wedge must be removed from the clamping body during injection.
The terminals are mainly used for the construction of overhead communication lines with light and transfer commissions with a distance between supports up to 50 m.

The clamp is made of UV and extremely heat resistant plastic. The fixing column made of galvanized steel wire 5 mm thick can be removed if necessary, which simplifies installation. The clamping wedge prevents accidental falls with a special retainer.

Fittings for overhead power lines are an integral part of the installation of power supply networks, as well as their reconstruction. On our site you can find all the necessary materials for work. We supply only high quality fittings that meet all European standards. Before purchasing a clamp, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our product catalog. If you have any difficulty in choosing the right accessory for your cable, we can help you decide.

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